Finding Opportunity Is Now Easy

Pensill is a collaboration platform that allows faculty and students to find the right match. Increasing research productivity.

How It Works?

Pensill's listings provide visibility and increased outreach for faculty members looking for students to collaborate on projects. You no longer have to rely only on departmental mails to spread a word about opportunities. Members can create listing in matter of minutes. Student can easily search these listing according to their research interest and find projects to contribute to.

For Faculty

  • Personalized Profiles. Effortlessly update and add new areas of research. Make it easy for prospective students to find you.

  • Share ongoing or forthcoming projects. Create listings that don't go missing in the departmental mails.

  • Upload Research Studies. Forget overlooked pin boards, and group emails. Get instant visibility.

For Students

  • Discover graduate projects and other opportunities.

  • Search for faculty based on research area.

  • Participate in research studies and get paid.

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